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Radiant Glaive - News on the game three years prior

2010-05-02 14:33:01 by JoeyGGM27

I've been working on my game Radiant Glaive, and it's coming along great! It's a full length top-down action RPG.

You play as Ferrik, a boy who's family was killed in a war. There exists a blade, the Blade of Telos, which was given to mankind by the creators of the earth as a test to see what humans have learned. The sword can grant one wish, but the people kill eachother as they want the wish for their own desire. Ferrik, however, is one who wants the sword not for revenge, but to wish for everlasting peace, so others do not have to suffer from his fate. The game begins in his subconscious, in which he fights a large demon representing his hatred for those who killed his family. By overcoming this demon, he overcomes his anger. He soon awakens in a small house, in a village he never knew about called Arnim. As he exits the house, hoping for an explanation of why he is there, a young girl about his age named Mintie, is captured by a large fat dragon that runs off with slightly smaller, differently colored fat dragons into the nearby forest. Ferrik grabs his broadsowrd and his katana, and rushes in to save Mintie. And so the story begins.

Radiant Glaive will be released on a disc, for $6.99, with the choice of the slightly more expensive Special Edition, $9.99, or the very pricy Collectors Edition for $14.99. The game will not be released for 3 years at the least, but I will upload free demos of the game for those who want to know if the game will be worth the money. I will try to set up a website for the game in which you can purchase the game there, or if I must, I will sell the game on eBay or Amazon.


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2010-05-02 14:53:42

WOW, sounds like fun.
PM me when it's out.

Good luck!

JoeyGGM27 responds:

Ok. I don't have too much of the game programmed, but a lot of work has been put into the story. There will be about, 6-10 towns you can visit, each with at least 10 characters who you can befriend, not including the poeple who don't have names (regular filler people, usually named after their age and gender, like "woman" or "boy".) You can befriend them in ways similar to Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, by doing things they like or give them gifts they like. Considering how I will let Ferrik accumulate good or evil karma, it will affect friendship levels with other characters, not to mention it plays into what equipment you can equip. If you can draw even decently, or you know anyone who can do so, then I would like it if you or they could design a character, post it to art portal, and post a link in this thread rather than PM. If you can help with this, I thank you in advance!